Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7 Dots Studio: An Art Journal Page

Good morning :)

Here today with you to share an art journal page I created for 7 Dots Studio, using the classic "Dreamer" collection. I used to be quite good at drawing in my younger years but admittedly haven't touched the art for quite some time now. But inspired by a beautiful photo found on Pinterest HERE, I found the courage to draw again and even embark on some watercolor painting.

I had no design in mind, nor did I ever think this page would find its way onto the internet. I didn't know what I was doing. But when I used the "Dreamer" collection papers to bring the trunk in the page to life, I just knew I had to be brave...just show it.

So here goes.

"Mason Jars" Art Journal Page
It was a little tricky getting the papers to line up correctly and look believable, but a little bit of adjustments and I got there :)

Gosh, I just LOVE the rustic, life-like patterns of these papers. I could not have found a more suitable collection for bringing this aspect of my page to life. Just meant to be! I did use some burlap twine to define the edges of the trunk in the front, along with some watercolor shading. I really had to distress, move, and shape these papers to get them to do what I wanted.

 The angles were tough on me! And choosing the correct colors for the edges of the box took a moment as well.

And boy, I struggled with bringing the mason jars to life being a "flat" object against the three-dimensional paper trunk. Lots of shading, recoloring, tinting, etc.- it came together...slowly. Frustrating but at the same time exciting and encouraging!

Products Used:

"Dreamer" Collection: Drive All Night
"Dreamer" Collection: Daydreaming

Thank-you for allowing me ot share with you today. I hope you're having a wonderful week so far :) 
Take care and see you REAL soon!


Patty O'Malley said...

Fantastic page, Erin! The details are awesome! I, too, used to free hand draw quite a bit growing up and then moved on to other crafting hobbies, but I'm trying to get back to my own drawing. I guess we're coming full circle!

sandi said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely STUNNING! You are a true artist!

Romy said...

Wow, this turned out amazing! I have never done an art journal page before, but you simple rock them!

butterfly said...

I love how you incorporated the papers into your drawing, and I think the mason jars have worked out beautifully - wonderful dimension and light to the glass and the water. So glad you decided to share this with us, thank you.
Alison x

Tusia Lech said...

When I look at it, I am amazed!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Totally & absolutely amazingly FABULOUS...& good on you for a million years, I couldn't do these that blue colour & the 'joy'....soooo true....we need to dish it out as well as bottle it up, eh????!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Well I think this looks wonderful.. the jars look great to me, and the chest is amazing.. great creating!!

Lainie said...

It's fantastic Erin and I'm glad that you shared it with us.

Katie said...

I love this ERIN! I haven't ventured into art journaling yet... I think i may just have to try it out. Like you said, you see a picture and it just inspires you. It's nice to just start something and not know where it's going to end up, with no boundaries! Thanks for sharing as always :)

Miranda Edney said...

Erin I adore this!