Friday, September 19, 2014

NEW Ingvild Bolme Shabby Chic Metals from Prima!

Have you seen the new Ingvild Bolme Shabby Chic Metals from Prima yet? Prima made the full, big reveal earlier this week- and you are just going to be in love! Such intricate pieces with moveable parts...amazing. Truly, not a detail was spared in these pieces!

This is a nature-inspired canvas that I created, featuring a couple of these new pieces. 

This shabby metal latch has three different parts to it, complete with a functioning sliding bolt. If you love fine details, you will be truly pleased with these!

This vintage water pump reminds me of one that I have in my own garden. I wanted to give it an aged appeal, and there's just so much texture on the surface that coloring and altering truly has no limits!

Check out the blog for more- including Ingvild's new stamp-n-add set and resins!!

Have a great weekend!


Laurie said...

gorgeous Erin!! love the new metal accents, Prima has such pretty products :)

Romy said...

The new metals are absolutely stunning and you've done an amazing job using them! Such a gorgeous piece of art!

Brendaxx said...

Love your work Erin!!

Patty O'Malley said...

Beautiful canvas, Erin! Love those metals.

Lizzy Hill said...

Just beautiful! Loooove this canvas & those new goodies....delish! Especially the bolt....might have to make a dash down to the hardware store, eh???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

They are indeed wonderful, can't keep up with Prima this year, products rock! & your canvas does too!😊

dstandard said...

Totally gorgeous - what cool metals! Love these and can't wait to find some!

Unknown said...

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