Friday, March 13, 2015

Let's Catch Up!

Hey everyone! Long time, no see. I know. 

Lots and lots going on in my world...always. That never changes. I've lately withdrawn from social media for various reasons and also from blogging. As many of you know, I also have a homesteading blog where I share a lot of our real life home practices which includes a from-scratch lifestyle, raising a variety of animals for different purposes, and striving to maintain simplicity- all the while raising 3 young kids and being a "stay at home mom" who works multiple part-time jobs both inside and outside of the home. So I've realized the need to disconnect a bit more from my online life and focus more of my available energy toward the everyday demands of my actual life. Get what I mean?

So in an effort to maintain that balance, blogging has become rather secondary. I didn't mean to take this big of a break and I apologize. And I wanted to take the opportunity today to catch up on some Prima projects that I've done in the past couple months. I hope you enjoy :)

"Hello" Tag
This tag was created using my favorite of the new releases from Prima, the "Butterfly" Collection designed by Jodie Lee. To say I love this range would be an understatement.The patterns, images, and color palette are a dream come true. I'm really into purple at the moment, so this one is right up my alley.

I've paired the papers with flowers new and old, as well as some gorgeous embellishments. The frame seen here is from the new "Timeless Memories" trinkets packs.

"Fall in Love" Card
Another new release from Prima is Frank Garcia's "The Archivist" collection. In Frank's true style, you will find lots of neutral colors and awesome patterns. This is one of those collections that you just have to have as it is so versatile. 

I've used one of the new Prima Mixed Media stamps here to create the messy butterfly background. And the brown egg carton flowers are amazing- they are super thick and durable which makes them perfect for mixed media!

"Love is Beauty" Tag
The "Bella Rouge" collection is bold and gorgeous. I've paired the papers here with new flowers and new Finnabair Art Ingredients. Microbeads, glass beads, and new Color Bloom sprays add to the textured mixed media background here.

"Happy Moment" Tag
 Another project featuring the "Butterfly" collection. A bit of fussy cutting here brought this tag to life :).

Bedtime Story Mini Album
If you've got little kids, you've got to have the "Bedtime Story" collection! The vintage children's book theme offers diversity and so much interest to an album like this one. 

Lots of new flowers, brads, wood icons, crystals, and other embellishments helped me out along the way.

There you have it, folks! I hope I didn't overwhelm you too much- I know there's a lot of images in this post today. :)

And as the week enters the weekend, I hope life is treating you well. We've had some unusually nice weather around here- a week ago it was -20 F and now we're in the 40's. Although we have several feet of snow yet and March typically shows us our biggest snow storms, it's a welcome break from our always-too-long winter. I'm starting my seeds inside this weekend and have been anxiously planning for our biggest garden yet with so many dreams and plans to be fulfilled.

I wish you all the best. And I hope to see you soon!



Shere said...

Welcome back! I love your blog and always enjoy reading about your crafty projects. TFS

Romy said...

Oh wow, you've done the most amazing work for Prima! Your projects are all totally gorgeous!
I can imagine that life's getting really busy with everything that you have on your plate at the moment. I hope you will soon have some more quality time to spend in your craft room :)

Patty O'Malley said...

Glad to see you back, Erin, at least for a bit. Your projects are always gorgeous. I am always amazed by your beautiful tags.

Lizzy Hill said...

Lovely to see you focusing on the bits of life that are most important at this point in time! Doesn't mean your scrapping has suffered.....beautiful, inspiring creations as always! Hope those seeds get off to a good start & that spring is a nice early and long one......bout time it came, eh? Over here, I'm hanging out for some cool days and no humidity. I'm OVER it!!!! We all need a change, it seems!!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I get what you mean...and would love to follow your blog. Gorgeous art pieces Erin.

Bente Fagerberg said...

These are all just beautiful projects that you creted for Prima. They are so lucky to have you :-) I totally get what you say about balancing the blogging and all the day to day stuff. It all boils down to putting the important things first. I am sure all your blog-friends get that and we'll all keep checking in from time to time.
Have a lovely week end! :-)

Lizzyc said...

You are a busy mum and that is good, so nice to see your creations again, they are beautiful, especially love your little album! Take care of yourself and family!

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